Is Teeth Whitening Safe to Use?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe to Use?

  • Blake Engelhard

The Academy of General Dentistry “Several studies, during the past five years, have proven bleaching to be safe and effective”.

With teeth whitening trays, people may experience some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, which disappears once you stop using the product or by decreasing the amount of time you bleach your teeth, and people have had similar experience with teeth whitening strips as well.

To combat the sensitivity, we recommend that you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. However, to avoid inflamed gums and sensitivity altogether, BrushOnSmile's teeth whitening brush has zero sensitivity because only a thin layer of gel is applied to your teeth. Unlike gel used for trays, the amount of gel applied is self-controlled, and does not sit on your teeth for a long period of time.

BrushOnSmile takes fifteen seconds to use, while other products can take up to two hours...I don't know about you, but walking around with strips glued to my teeth or a mouthguard-like tray in my mouth doesn't sound too appealing.