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"After using whitening strips and Zoom that became too painful...I am incredibly grateful to have found BrushOnSmile!"

Rebecca F.

"Finding a teeth whitening product that is easy, convenient, not painful, and effective has always been a struggle. BrushOnSmile solves all of these with a simple solution that really works."

Alon Krifcher

"As a licensed dental professional for 27 years... I am always happy to recommend BrushOnSmile. It is a simple product to use that is both safe and effective. I continue to use BrushOnSmile as well as recommend it to my patients as a safe, simple and effective tooth whitening system." 

Elizabeth Martens, Dental Hygienist

"BrushOnSmile is like Tide-to-Go for my teeth. I love it."

Adam Engelhard

“I’ve been HOOKED on BrushOnSmile from the beginning! The results are immediate and that’s so important in today’s world of instant gratification. BrushOnSmile is the ONLY brush-on tooth whitening product for me!"

Karen Segal

"I tried BrushOnSmile and noticed the difference immediately. Also, it doesn’t leave gums tender or achy. And doesn’t taste bad. Love BrushOnSmile!"

Johnathan Maxim

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