Causes of Gum Sensitivity

Causes of Gum Sensitivity

  • Blake Engelhard

The main reason BrushOnSmile's founder developed her own teeth whitening was due to her own difficulties with finding a teeth whitening product that did not burn or damage her teeth. Those who have whitened their teeth multiple times have likely faced a similar issue; that strange feeling your teeth and gums have after using whitening strips or gel in trays. 

But what causes that, and why?

Often, teeth whitening consumers will experience either thermal sensitivity (response to extreme hot or cold from foods or beverages), sensitivity to air (relating back to thermal sensitivity), or simply general tooth and gum discomfort.

Due to the chemical levels in most teeth whiteners, both over-the-counter and used in dental offices, our mouths actually experience a type of chemical burn. To avoid chemical burn or to reduce it's effects, either stop using your current teeth whitening product, or buy enamel-strengthening toothpaste and use it regularly. 

If a product label or a company tells you that tooth and gum discomfort are normal when using a teeth whitening product, they are providing you with false information. Teeth whitening processes should not hurt or cause irritation. 

That's how our founder arrived at the formula for BrushOnSmile: a formula with no unnecessary chemicals, all-organic ingredients, and an application style that involves putting gel only on the teeth, not the gums.