Investigation: Charcoal Powder

Investigation: Charcoal Powder

  • Blake Engelhard

Our Question: We've been seeing videos and tutorials EVERYWHERE about charcoal toothpaste and similar charcoal charcoal powder actually safe for our teeth?

What We Found: Theoretically, the activated charcoal binds to stains, tartar, and bacteria, removing them when you rinse your mouth, thus making your teeth whiter. But, it might also bind to necessary bacteria in our mouths needed for digestion.

Dr. Peter Auster, the founder/president of the Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, warns users that charcoal dental products may simply not work. 

 "A big risk is that non-activated charcoal is extremely dangerous and there isn't proof that some manufacturers are using the correct type of charcoal. The tooth whitening market is a billion dollar industry, so if it was fully safe and effective, the big brands would be using it," Dr. Auster says. 

Both the people at BrushOnSmile and Dr. Auster agree, you're better off using well-tested products trusted by dentists, instead of following new fads.