Dentists & Pharmacies

You can buy BrushOnSmile at your local dental office, pharmacy, or salon/spa. If they don't carry BrushOnSmile, have them contact us, or order now now on this website!

Why Purchase BrushOnSmile for your business?

We give your office something to smile about with easy added revenue. Augment your in-office cleaning and whitening procedure revenues with BrushOnSmile pens for your clients to use between office visits. Pharmacies and dental offices that carry BrushOnSmile say it's easy to understand and explain to consumers, easy to use, and is at a price point that is easy to sell!

Reasons to become a BrushOnSmile reseller:

  • Point of sale display showcases pens
  • Easy sell - does not require extensive training
  • Bundling is a great way to promote for use between office visits
  • Doesn't displace your professional whitening procedures or revenue, but rather, enhances it
  • Your margins are protected with aggressive wholesale pricing
  • We provide marketing support including national ad campaigns, selling scripts and promotional ideas

"We keep swabs up front, so we can let the patients sample the product. Once they taste it...they're sold!"

-Angie Goldman, RDH

For wholesale pricing, please call or send us a message via our online contact page!
1.855.530.1111 (toll free)