What's Inside Matters

BrushOnSmile was created as a safe, easy to use alternative for people with sensitive or weak teeth. 

BrushOnSmile Attributes

BrushOnSmile is made with kosher grade, vegan, and all organic products. No water, alcohol or animal bi-products are used. BrushOnSmile is produced in the U.S.A. with a pH balanced formula of 36% carbamine peroxide with no harmful acids or abrasives. 

Over time, drinking coffee, red wine, and smoking cigarettes add to potential tooth staining. Depending on daily habits, some people require teeth whitening more than others. BrushOnSmile, an over-the-counter dental-grade teeth whitening pen, can be used repeatedly to remove such stains.

Oxidation Without Agitation

Our oxidation process provides a healthy alternative to enamel reduction, which is a common process used among other teeth whitening products. Oxidation, the result of mixing water with Carbamide Peroxide, removes discoloration and stains from teeth.

Rather than remove enamel from your teeth, BrushOnSmile uses its oxidation process to prevent teeth from becoming agitated, and is a healthier alternative than stripping tooth enamel.